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Local Feature Based Facial Expression Recognition Using Adaptive Decision Tree
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 Title & Authors
Local Feature Based Facial Expression Recognition Using Adaptive Decision Tree
Oh, Jihun; Ban, Yuseok; Lee, Injae; Ahn, Chunghyun; Lee, Sangyoun;
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This paper proposes the method of facial expression recognition based on decision tree structure. In the image of facial expression, ASM(Active Shape Model) and LBP(Local Binary Pattern) make the local features of a facial expressions extracted. The discriminant features gotten from local features make the two facial expressions of all combination classified. Through the sum of true related to classification, the combination of facial expression and local region are decided. The integration of branch classifications generates decision tree. The facial expression recognition based on decision tree shows better recognition performance than the method which doesn't use that.
decision tree;local region;discriminant feature;facial expression;recognition;
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