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Design and Evaluation of Higher Level Modulation in Beam Space MIMO Communication System
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 Title & Authors
Design and Evaluation of Higher Level Modulation in Beam Space MIMO Communication System
Kim, Bong-Jun; Ryu, Heung-Gyoon;
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ESPAR(Electronically Steerable Parasitic Array Radiator) antenna is the technique for overcoming the problems of space limitation and energy efficiency due to the multiple RF-chain. Conventional MIMO system with multiple antenna requires a large number of RF-chain for transmitting the multiple data because it transmits the data in proportion to the number of antenna. Beamspace MIMO system using the ESPAR antenna which has single RF-chain was proposed for solving the problems caused by using the multiple antenna and RF-chain. In this paper, therefore we propose 2x2 beamspace MIMO system using the 16, 64-QAM modulation and evaluate the performance of this system to reveal that it is possible that beamspace MIMO system can use not only PSK modulation but also QAM modulation. We confirm that QAM symbol can be generated by adjusting reactance of parasitic elements and making reactance set and also we confirm that performance of beamspace MIMO system is similar to the conventional MIMO system by transmitting the QAM symbol made by reactance set through the simulation.
ESPAR antenna;Beamspace MIMO;QAM modulation;Reactance set;Single RF chain;
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