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Load Balancing Scheme for Heterogeneous Cellular Networks Using e-ICIC
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Load Balancing Scheme for Heterogeneous Cellular Networks Using e-ICIC
Hong, Myung-Hoon; Park, Seung-Young;
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Recently, heterogeneous networks consisting of small-cells on top of traditional macro-cellular network has attracted much attention, because traditional macro-cellular network is not suitable to support more demanding mobile data traffic due to its limitation of spatial reuse. However, due to the transmit power difference between macro- and small-cells, most users are associated with macro-cells rather than small-cells. To solve this problem, enhanced inter-cell interference coordination (eICIC) has been introduced. Particularly, in eICIC, the small-cell coverage is forcibly expanded to associate more users with small-cells. Then, to avoid cross-tier interference from macro-cells, these users are allowed to receive the data during almost blank subframe (ABS) in which macro-cells almost remain silent. However, this approach is not sufficient to balance the load between macro- and small-cells because it only expands the small-cell coverage. In this paper, we propose a load balance scheme improving proportional fairness for heterogeneous networks employing eICIC. In particular, the proposed scheme combines the greedy-based user association and the ABS rate determination in a recursive manner to perform the load balance.
eICIC;ABS;cell range expansion;load balance;HetNet;
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무선 네트워크에서 자연계 동기화 현상을 모방한 자율적 부하 균형 기법,박재성;

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