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A Compressed Sensing-Based Signal Recovery Technique for Multi-User Spatial Modulation Systems
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A Compressed Sensing-Based Signal Recovery Technique for Multi-User Spatial Modulation Systems
Park, Jeonghong; Ban, Tae-Won; Jung, Bang Chul;
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In this paper, we propose a compressed sensing-based signal recovery technique for an uplink multi-user spatial modulation (MU-SM) system. In the MU-SM system, only one antenna among antennas of each user becomes active by nature. Thus, this characteristics is exploited for signal recovery at a base station. We modify the conventional orthogonal matching pursuit (OMP) algorithm which has been widely used for sparse signal recovery in literature for the MU-SM system, which is called MU-OMP. We also propose a parallel OMP algorithm for the MU-SM system, which is called MU-POMP. Specifically, in the proposed algorithms, antenna indices of a specific user who was selected in the previous iteration are excluded in the next iteration of the OMP algorithm. Simulation results show that the proposed algorithms outperform the conventional OMP algorithm in the MU-SM system.
Multiuser;Spatial modulation;Sparse signal recovery;Orthogonal matching pursuit;Multiple input and multiple output system;
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