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Limited Feedback Precoding for Correlated Massive MIMO Systems
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Limited Feedback Precoding for Correlated Massive MIMO Systems
Lim, Yeon-Geun; Chae, Chan-Byoung;
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In this paper, we propose a compressive sensing-based channel quantization feedback mechanism that is appropriate for practical massvie multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) systems. We assume that the base station (BS) has a compact uniform square array that has a highly correlated channel. To serve multiple users, the BS uses a zero-forcing precoder. Our proposed channel feedback algorithm can reduce the feedback overhead as well as a codebook search complexity. Numerical simulations confirm our analytical results.
Massive MIMO;ergodic achievable rate;limited feedback;codebook;compressive sensing;
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거대 다중 안테나 시스템을 위한 넌컨벡스 압축센싱 기반채널 정보 피드백 기법,김정현;김인선;박진수;송홍엽;한성우;

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대형 어레이 안테나 기반 초광역 무선 백홀망 시스템,고성원;김효지;이주용;조동호;

한국통신학회논문지, 2015. vol.40. 7, pp.1354-1362 crossref(new window)
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한국통신학회논문지, 2015. vol.40. 8, pp.1469-1476 crossref(new window)
주파수 분할 방식의 거대 다중 안테나 시스템을 위한 빔형성 기반의 채널상태정보 기준신호 전송기술,홍준기;조한신;문철;육종관;

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거대 배열 안테나 무선 백홀 하향 링크 시스템에서 피드백 량을 줄이기 위한 빔 형성 방법,박재범;권기림;박현철;

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