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Implementation of IEEE1588 for Clock Synchronization
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 Title & Authors
Implementation of IEEE1588 for Clock Synchronization
Park, Sung-Won; Kim, In-Sung; Lee, Dongik;
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In this paper, an IEEE1588 based clock synchronization technique for CAN (Controller Area Network) is presented. Clock synchronization plays a key role to the success of a networked embedded system. Recently, the IEEE1588 algorithm making use of dedicated chipsets has been widely adopted for the synchronization of various industrial applications using Ethernet. However, there is no chipset available for CAN. This paper presents the implementation of IEEE1588 for CAN, which is implemented using only software and CAN packets without any dedicated chipset. The proposed approach is verified by the comparison between the estimated synchronization precision with a simple model and the measured precision with experimental setup.
Controller Area Network;Clock synchronization;IEEE1588;
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물체탐지 시스템의 개발을 위한 근거리 레이더에 대한 특성 분석,박동진;유인환;변기훈;이상민;권장우;

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매핑 테이블 기반의 자동차용 게이트웨이 설계,오세춘;김의룡;김영곤;

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