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Effect of Interference Mitigation Technique and Performance Analysis for Small Cell in Homogeneous Networks
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 Title & Authors
Effect of Interference Mitigation Technique and Performance Analysis for Small Cell in Homogeneous Networks
Jang, Ye-Ok; Cho, Eun-Hyung; Hong, Een-Kee;
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As various services requiring high data rate are supported by introducing LTE/LTE-adv., mobile traffic increases rapidly. To cope with the continuous growth of traffic demand, small cell technology is considered as one of the most promising one. Small cell can increase system capacity by increasing the number of base stations with reduced cell radius. In this paper, we analyze the effect of cell densification with small cells in terms of SINR and average UE throughput considering cell split and the number of UE per unit area. As the cell becomes smaller, SINR degradation arises from high ICI(Inter Cell Interference) and we evaluate the effect of interference mitigation scheme in small cell environment where the proper interference mitigation technique is applied.
Small cell;Cell Densification;LTE/LTE-adv.;Cellular system;Interference mitigation;
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소형셀 환경에서 사용자 컨텍스트 기반 무선 캐시 알고리즘,정현기;정소이;이동학;이승규;김재현;

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