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Fast Image Stitching For Video Stabilization Using Sift Feature Points
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 Title & Authors
Fast Image Stitching For Video Stabilization Using Sift Feature Points
Hossain, Mostafiz Mehebuba; Lee, Hyuk-Jae; Lee, Jaesung;
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Video Stabilization For Vehicular Applications Is An Important Method Of Removing Unwanted Shaky Motions From Unstable Videos. In This Paper, An Improved Video Stabilization Method With Image Stitching Has Been Proposed. Scale Invariant Feature Transform (Sift) Matching Is Used To Calculate The New Position Of The Points In Next Frame. Image Stitching Is Done In Every Frame To Get Stabilized Frames To Provide Stable Video As Well As A Better Understanding Of The Previous Frame'S Position And Show The Surrounding Objects Together. The Computational Complexity Of Sift (Scale-Invariant Feature Transform) Is Reduced By Reducing The Sift Descriptors Size And Resticting The Number Of Keypints To Be Extracted. Also, A Modified Matching Procedure Is Proposed To Improve The Accuracy Of The Stabilization.
Video Stabilization;Sift;Image Stitching;Image Transformation;Ransac;
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