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Superposition Method for the Analysis of Electrically Large Problem Including Many Vehicles
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 Title & Authors
Superposition Method for the Analysis of Electrically Large Problem Including Many Vehicles
Park, Chan-Sun; Jeong, Yi-Ru; Jung, Kibum; Shin, Jaekon; Yook, Jong-Gwan;
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The commercialization of ITS(Intelligent Transport System) is in sight including V2V(Vehicle-toVehicle) communication and analysis of related electromagnetic circumstances is essential process in relevant legislation. However analysis including numbers of vehicles have electrically large environment which leads to a lack of computational resources. In this letter, we suggest superposition method which require much less computational resources by subgrouping environment and using post-processing of results. Suggested method approximate original result by superpositioning of analysis which include scatterers near source, observation point. This letter also presented guideline of method and example for comparison with full analysis result.
Superposition;Large problem;Scatterer;Subgrouping;Memory usage;
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