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Spectro-Temporal Filtering Based on Soft Decision for Stereophonic Acoustic Echo Suppression
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 Title & Authors
Spectro-Temporal Filtering Based on Soft Decision for Stereophonic Acoustic Echo Suppression
Lee, Chul Min; Bae, Soo Hyun; Kim, Jeung Hun; Kim, Nam Soo;
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We propose a novel approach for stereophonic acoustic echo suppression using spectro-temporal filtering based on soft decision. Unlike the conventional approaches estimating the echo pathes directly, the proposed technique can estimate stereo echo spectra without any double-talk detector. In order to improve the estimation of echo spectra, the extended power spectrum density matrix and echo overestimation control matrix are applied on this method. In addition, this echo suppression technique is based on soft decision technique using speech absence probability in STFT domain. Experimental results show that the proposed method improves compared with the conventional approaches.
Acoustic echo cancellation;stereophonic acoustic echo suppression;spectro-temporal correlation;signal-to-echo ratio;soft decision;
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화성 진행 학습 모델을 적용한 규칙 기반의 4성부 합창 음악 생성,조원익;김정훈;천성준;김남수;

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음성 검출 기반의 저연산 이득 제어 알고리즘,김상균;조우형;정민아;권장우;이상민;

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