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A Scheme for Detecting and Preventing an Unauthorized Device Using Context Awareness and Mobile Device Management
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 Title & Authors
A Scheme for Detecting and Preventing an Unauthorized Device Using Context Awareness and Mobile Device Management
Mun, Jiman; Jung, Souhwan;
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This paper proposed a method that prevents data leakage and modulation and detects an unauthorized device by using AP and mobile device. Most of existing method for detecting and preventing an unauthorized device are similar to type of Evil Twin. However, in previous studies can not resolve many security accident and have the problem to cope with effectively security accident on various network. In order to solve these problem, companies prepare security accident through the varies policy and guideline. but It is hard to prevent all security accident because it is consistently increasing everyday. This paper suggests technique of detecting and preventing an unauthorized device using Context Awareness and Mobile Device Management. Firstly, when mobile device go into internal network, server distinguish access permission and authorization of mobile device using acquiring the conetxt information of mobile device. By using this result, server applies the appropriate management technique to the mobile device for leakage and accident of internal network.
Context Aware;Mobile Device Management;Mobile Security;Bring Your Own Device;Authentication;
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다중 요소를 가지는 SVM을 이용한 이블 트윈 탐지 방법,강성배;양대헌;이경희;

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