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Vision-Based Trajectory Tracking Control System for a Quadrotor-Type UAV in Indoor Environment
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Vision-Based Trajectory Tracking Control System for a Quadrotor-Type UAV in Indoor Environment
Shi, Hyoseok; Park, Hyun; Kim, Heon-Hui; Park, Kwang-Hyun;
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This paper deals with a vision-based trajectory tracking control system for a quadrotor-type UAV for entertainment purpose in indoor environment. In contrast to outdoor flights that emphasize the autonomy to complete special missions such as aerial photographs and reconnaissance, indoor flights for entertainment require trajectory following and hovering skills especially in precision and stability of performance. This paper proposes a trajectory tracking control system consisting of a motion generation module, a pose estimation module, and a trajectory tracking module. The motion generation module generates a sequence of motions that are specified by 3-D locations at each sampling time. In the pose estimation module, 3-D position and orientation information of a quadrotor is estimated by recognizing a circular ring pattern installed on the vehicle. The trajectory tracking module controls the 3-D position of a quadrotor in real time using the information from the motion generation module and pose estimation module. The proposed system is tested through several experiments in view of one-point, multi-points, and trajectory tracking control.
UAV;quadrotor;trajectory tracking control;nonlinear system;3-D pose;
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