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Performance Analysis of the Localization Compensation Algorithm for Moving Objects Using the Least-squares Method
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 Title & Authors
Performance Analysis of the Localization Compensation Algorithm for Moving Objects Using the Least-squares Method
Jung, Moo Kyung; Lee, Dong Myung;
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The localization compensation algorithm for moving objects using the least-squares method is suggested and the performance of the algorithm is analyzed in this paper. The suggested compensation algorithm measures the distance values of the mobile object moving as a constant speed by the TMVS (TWR Minimum Value Selection) method, estimates the location of the mobile node by the trilateration scheme based on the values, and the estimated location is compensated using the least-squares method. By experiments, it is confirmed that the localization performance of the suggested compensation algorithm is largely improved to 58.84% and 40.28% compared with the conventional trilateration method in the scenario 1 and 2, respectively.
Least-squares method;Triangulation;SDS-TWR;Localization;TMVS;
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