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Analysis of Common Data Link Technology Trends for the Next Generation Korean Common Data Link Development
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 Title & Authors
Analysis of Common Data Link Technology Trends for the Next Generation Korean Common Data Link Development
Kang, Wipil; Song, Juhyung; Lee, Kyunghoon; Lee, Dae-Hong; Jung, Sung-Jin; Choi, Hyung-Jin;
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NCW is a new operational concept for modern warfare to improve the ability to conduct combat by connecting command and control system via network. To realize NCW integrating information sharing system between multiple platforms, CDL is considered as a key component for high-speed transmission of ISR data. Accordingly, further studies to enhance the performance of CDL are being performed around the world, and our government has also developed self-reliant CDL, MPI-CDL. However, the maximum data rate and networking performance of current CDL still fall short of the objective to enable multiple systems to share the large ISR data. Therefore, in this paper, we analyze the development flow and international technical trends of CDL, and present an approach for enhancing data rate and networking capacity of the next generation CDL.
CDL;DirecNet;ISR;multi-platform common data link (MP-CDL);MPI-CDL;NCW;
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장거리 공중-지상 영상정보용 데이터링크의 수신 안테나 최적 고각 제어 방법,류영재;안재민;

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