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CCTV-Aided Accident Detection System on Four Lane Highway with Calogero-Moser System
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 Title & Authors
CCTV-Aided Accident Detection System on Four Lane Highway with Calogero-Moser System
Lee, In Jeong;
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Today, a number of CCTV on the highway is to observe the flow of traffics. There have been a number of studies where traffic data (e.g., the speed of vehicles and the amount of traffic on the road) are transferred back to the centralized server so that an appropriate action can be taken. This paper introduces a system that detects the changes of traffic flows caused by an accident or unexpected stopping (i.e., vehicle remains idle) by monitoring each lane separately. The traffic flows of each lane are level spacing curve that shows Wigner distribution for location vector. Applying calogero-moser system and Hamiltonian system, probability equation for each level-spacing curve is derived. The high level of modification of the signal means that the lane is in accident situation. This is different from previous studies in that it does more than looking for the signal from only one lane, now it is able to detect an accident in entire flow of traffic. In process of monitoring traffic flow of each lane, when camera recognizes a shadow of vehicle as a vehicle, it will affect the accident detecting capability. To prevent this from happening, the study introduces how to get rid of such shadow. The system using Basian network method is being compared for capability evaluation of the system of the study. As a result, the system of the study appeared to be better in performance in detecting the modification of traffic flow caused by idle vehicle.
Wigner distribution;detection abrupt signal;Calogero-Moser System;
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