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Design and Implementation of High-Speed Pattern Matcher Using Multi-Entry Simultaneous Comparator in Network Intrusion Detection System
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 Title & Authors
Design and Implementation of High-Speed Pattern Matcher Using Multi-Entry Simultaneous Comparator in Network Intrusion Detection System
Jeon, Myung-Jae; Hwang, Sun-Young;
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This paper proposes a new pattern matching module to overcome the increased runtime of previous algorithm using RAM, which was designed to overcome cost limitation of hash-based algorithm using CAM (Content Addressable Memory). By adopting Merge FSM algorithm to reduce the number of state, the proposed module contains state block and entry block to use in RAM. In the proposed module, one input string is compared with multiple entry strings simultaneously using entry block. The effectiveness of the proposed pattern matching unit is verified by executing Snort 2.9 rule set. Experimental results show that the number of memory reads has decreased by 15.8%, throughput has increased by 47.1%, while memory usage has increased by 2.6%, when compared to previous methods.
NIDS;Pattern Matching;RAM;FPGA;
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