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Bio-Inspired Routing Protocol for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
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 Title & Authors
Bio-Inspired Routing Protocol for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
Choi, Hyun-Ho; Roh, Bongsoo; Choi, HyungSeok; Lee, Jung-Ryun;
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Bio-inspired routing protocol uses a principle of swarm intelligence, which finds the optimal path to the destination in a distributed and autonomous way in dynamic environments, so that it can maximize routing performances, reduce control overhead, and recover a path failure quickly according to the change of network topology. In this paper, we propose a bio-inspired routing protocol for mobile ad hoc networks. The proposed scheme uses a function of overhearing via wireless media in order to obtain the routing information without additional overhead. Through overhearing, the pheromone is diffused around the shortest path between the source and destination. Based on this diffused pheromone, a probabilistic path exploration is executed and the useful alternative routes between the source and destination are collected. Therefore, the proposed routing protocol can ensure the up-to-date routing information while reducing the control overhead. The simulation results show that the proposed scheme outperforms the typical AODV and AntHocNet protocols in terms of routing performances and significantly decreases the routing overhead against the AntHocNet.
Routing protocol;Bio-inspired routing;Mobile ad hoc network;Overhearing;Pheromone diffusion;
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무선 센서 네트워크에서 에너지 효율적인 데이터 병합 트리의 생성 방법,최현호;

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5G와 자율네트워크의 동향과 5G내에서 자율네트워크를 구현하기 위한 방안,심영보;김기정;이성원;

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