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3D Beamforming Techniques in Multi-Cell MISO Downlink Active Antenna Systems for Large Data Transmission
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 Title & Authors
3D Beamforming Techniques in Multi-Cell MISO Downlink Active Antenna Systems for Large Data Transmission
Kim, Taehoon;
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In this paper, we provide a new approach which optimizes the vertical tilting angle of the base station for multi-cell multiple-input single-output (MISO) downlink active antenna systems (AAS). Instead of the conventional optimal algorithm which requires an exhaustive search, we propose simple and near optimal algorithms. First, we represent a large system approximation based vertical beamforming algorithm which is applied to the average sum rate by using the random matrix theory. Next, we suggest a signal-to-leakage-and-noise ratio (SLNR) based vertical beamforming algorithm which simplifies the optimization problem considerably. In the simulation results, we demonstrate that the performance of the proposed algorithms is near close to the exhaustive search algorithm with substantially reduced complexity.
Active antenna system;vertical beamforming;multiple-input single-output (MISO) downlink;random matrix;large system approximation;
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