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Frequency Allocation and Path Selection Scheme in Underlay Cognitive Radio Networks Using Network Coding
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 Title & Authors
Frequency Allocation and Path Selection Scheme in Underlay Cognitive Radio Networks Using Network Coding
Lee, Do-Haeng; Lee, Won Hyoung; Kang, Sung-Min; Hwang, Ho Young;
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In this paper, we propose frequency allocation and path selection scheme in underlay cognitive radio (CR) networks using network coding. In the proposed scheme, we choose the path with consideration of network coding and interference temperature in underlay CR networks and propose an optimization problem to maximize the system throughput of secondary users (SUs). Then, we represent the proposed optimization problem as the multi-dimensional multiple-choice knapsack problem and give the theoretical upper bound for the system throughput of SUs by using linear programming. Finally, we compute the system throughput of SUs by using brute-force search (BFS) and link quality first (LQF) scheme in underlay CR networks. Simulation results show that the system throughput of SUs with BFS is higher than that with LQF in underlay CR networks with and without application of network coding, respectively.
Frequency Allocation;Path Selection;Underlay;Cognitive Radio;Network Coding;
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