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International Benchmarking on Factors Affecting the Number of Country Domain Name
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 Title & Authors
International Benchmarking on Factors Affecting the Number of Country Domain Name
Kim, So-ra; Jun, Hyo-Jung; Kim, Tae-Sung;
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With the arrival of the era of the Internet of Things (IoT), identification of an individual object is gaining significance. Internet address resources such as domain name, IP address, and OID are expected to play the role of an identifier and demand for them is also expected to increase. Accordingly, it becomes important to obtain the Internet address resources. As the Internet address resources market development, Internet address resources at the present time there is a need to gauge whether the potential to develop into industry. For this purpose, we have selected factors affecting the number of country domain name with 18 countries among OECD member countries as research target and carried out a regression analysis.
country domain name;Internet address source;domain name market;
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