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Technology and Issue on Embodiment of Smart Factory in Small-Medium Manufacturing Business
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Technology and Issue on Embodiment of Smart Factory in Small-Medium Manufacturing Business
Park, Jong-man;
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Main issue for embodiment of smart factory in small-medium manufacturing business(SMMB) is to whether might be successful or not in achieving a goal, exact materializing for smart factory related technology, and in seeking possible solutions for limited capacity to invest and develop technology. It is required for effective driving of manufacturing innovation 3.0 paradigm that ensures expertise to push forward technology policy based on value chain level of SMMB, and ensures detailed action plans by investment priority and development of core technology against global trend. This paper focuses to suggest countermeasure strategy and task through analysis of advanced technology and patent trend about industrial IoT(IIoT) and cyber physical system(CPS), and support embodiment of smart factory in underlying manufacturing innovation 3.0 scheme.
Smart Factory;IIoT;CPS;Technology Issue;Patent;
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