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Dynamic Frequency Reuse Scheme Based on Traffic Load Ratio for Heterogeneous Cellular Networks
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 Title & Authors
Dynamic Frequency Reuse Scheme Based on Traffic Load Ratio for Heterogeneous Cellular Networks
Chung, Sungmoon;
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Overcoming inter-cell interference and spectrum scarcity are major issues in heterogeneous cellular networks. Static Frequency reuse schemes have been proposed as an effective way to manage the spectrum and reduce ICI(Inter cell Interference) in cellular networks. In a kind of static frequency reuse scheme, the allocations of transmission power and subcarriers in each cell are fixed prior to system deployment. This limits the potential performance of the static frequency reuse scheme. Also, most of dynamic frequency reuse schemes did not consider small cell and the network environment when the traffic load of each cell is heavy and non-uniform. In this paper, we propose an inter-cell resource allocation algorithm that dynamically optimizes subcarrier allocations for the multi-cell heterogeneous networks. The proposed dynamic frequency reuse scheme first finds the subcarrier usage in each cell-edge by using the exhaustive search and allocates subcarrier for all the cells except small cells. After that it allocates subcarrier for the small cell and then iteratively repeats the process. Proposed dynamic frequency reuse scheme performs better than previous frequency reuse schemes in terms of the throughput by improving the spectral efficiency due to it is able to adapt the network environment immediately when the traffic load of each cell is heavy and non-uniform.
Frequency Reuse;HetNet;FFR;SFR;Interference;
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