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The Effects of Optical Cable Fault on Customer Complaints
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 Title & Authors
The Effects of Optical Cable Fault on Customer Complaints
Jung, So-Ki; Cha, Kyoung Cheon;
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In this paper, we are aim to analysis the effects of optical cable fault on customer complaints. We considered several causes: the elapse time to allow repair from the optical cable fault, whether working day or not, seasonality and human error, external construction, optical cable cutting or core banding that is controllable causes and natural disasters, vehicle crash, fire that is uncontrollable causes. The results of analysis are as follows: First, customer complaints increase through indifferencial relationship when using the production function for the number of expected victims and elapsed time due to the optical cable fault. Second, not only the elapsed time but also controllable variables, human error, external construction, the core cut occurs, increased customer complaints due to optical cable faults.
optical cable fault;production function;indifferential relationship;number of expected victims;elapsed time;
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