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Knowledge Driven Architectural Model to Support Smart Emergency Service in Web of Objects Based Iot Environment
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 Title & Authors
Knowledge Driven Architectural Model to Support Smart Emergency Service in Web of Objects Based Iot Environment
Fattah, Sheik Mohammad Mostakim; Kibria, Muhammad Golam; Jeong, Kwanghyeon; Chong, Ilyoung;
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Virtualizing The Physical Devices And Resources As Well As Conceptual Entities Would Form Vos And Cvos, Which Provides Dynamicity And Intelligence Through Composition And Collaboration For Emergency Services In WoO Based Smart Shopping Mall (WSSM). Semantic Ontology In WoO Platform Supports Dynamic Composition And Collaboration Among Objects, VOs And CVOs To Provide Intelligent Services. This Paper Proposes An Architectural Model Of WoO Platform To Support The Smart Emergency Services In Shopping Mall. A Semantic Ontology Model For Wssm, And Information Reusability And Interoperability Among The Vos And Their Functional Models Have Been Presented.
IoT;WoO;semantic ontology;smart emergency;VO;CVO;
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