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OFDMA FD-MAC Protocol Based on the Channel Information
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OFDMA FD-MAC Protocol Based on the Channel Information
Cheon, Hye-Rim; Kim, Jae-Hyun;
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The deployment density of AP increases as well as the density WLAN stations due to increase of WLAN use and the real performance of WLAN is degraded. To improve the performance, there are many PHY/MAC technologies and OFDMA and full duplex are promising technologies among them. In conventional OFDMA WLAN MAC relate works, there are some limitations in terms of channel utilization and collision probability. Thus, it need to research for effective channel allocation protocol. Full duplex can transmit data on the same time and same frequency resource so it can allocate channel more flexible than half duplex. In this paper, we prose the OFDMA FD-MAC(Full Duplex MAC) protocol that it allocates the sub-channels based on the idle channel information for full duplex pair. In addition, it shows the throughput improvement by performance analysis.
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무선랜 시스템에서 전이중 통신을 위한 MAC 프로토콜 분석,김원중;송태원;김태윤;백상헌;

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무선 랜 밀집 지역에서 전송률 향상을 위한 다중 사용자 OFDMA 기반 랜덤 액세스 프로토콜,황경호;

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