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Joint Spatial Division and Reuse for Maximizing Network Throughput in Densely-Deployed Massive MIMO WLANs
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 Title & Authors
Joint Spatial Division and Reuse for Maximizing Network Throughput in Densely-Deployed Massive MIMO WLANs
Choi, Kyung Jun; Kim, Kyung Jun; Kim, Kwang Soon;
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In this paper, joint spatial division and reuse (JSDR) scheme is proposed for maximizing network throughput in densely-deployed wireless local area networks equipped with massive antenna array. The proposed JSDR scheme divides the massive spatial space into two subspaces: one is for suppressing the interference from the neighboring access points and another is for sensing the carrier sensing and transmitting the information-bearing signals to intended stations. By using computer simulation, the proposed JSDR can provide 133% higher network throughput, compared to the carrier sensing technique defined in the IEEE 802.11 standard so that the proposed JSDR is suitable for the next generation WLAN systems.
spatial division;spatial reuse;carrier sensing threshold;massive MIMO;WLAN;
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