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Construction of [2k-1+k, k, 2k-1+1] Codes Attaining Griesmer Bound and Its Locality
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 Title & Authors
Construction of [2k-1+k, k, 2k-1+1] Codes Attaining Griesmer Bound and Its Locality
Kim, Jung-Hyun; Nam, Mi-Young; Park, Ki-Hyeon; Song, Hong-Yeop;
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In this paper, we introduce two classes of optimal codes, [, k, ] simplex codes and [, k, ] codes, attaining Griesmer bound with equality. We further present and compare the locality of them. The [, k, ] codes have good locality property as well as optimal code length with given code dimension and minimum distance. Therefore, we expect that [, k, ] codes can be applied to various distributed storage systems.
Distributed Storage Systems;Locality;Locally Repairable Codes;Griesmer Bound;Optimal Codes;
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부분접속 복구 가능한 반복분할 부호,남미영;김정현;송홍엽;

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정보와 통신, 2015. vol.32. 6, pp.3-8
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