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Performance of CSK Scheme for V2I Visible Light Communication
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 Title & Authors
Performance of CSK Scheme for V2I Visible Light Communication
Kim, Hyeon-Cheol; Kim, Byung Wook; Jung, Sung-Yoon;
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These days, research related to Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) technology is being widely considered. ITS is inevitable for future transportation systems to reduce accidents, congestion, and offer a smooth flow of traffic. The use of Visible Light Communication (VLC) in ITS systems has been considered widely because of its EMC/EMI free and LED infrastructure reusable properties. Among the VLC schemes, this study analyzed the performance of the Color Shift Keying (CSK) scheme under a Vehicle-to-Infrastructure (V2I) downlink scenario to verify the capability of CSK as a communication tool for ITS. By modeling daylight noise using the modified Blackbody radiation model, this study examined the performance of V2I VLC under daytime conditions. The relationship between BER, the communication distance, and the amount of ambient-light noises under the pre-described V2I scenario were determined by simulations.
Intelligent Transportation System (ITS);Visible Light Communication (VLC);Vehicle-to-Infra (V2I);Color Shift Keying (CSK);
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