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Inkjet-Printed Capacitive Touch Paper
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 Title & Authors
Inkjet-Printed Capacitive Touch Paper
Yun, Taehwa; Lee, Sak; Lim, Sungjoon;
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In this paper, an inkjet-printed capacitive touch pad is proposed. This touch pad detects contacts of human finger by detecting changes in effective capacitance due to electrical impedance of human finger. A flexible, low-cost and disposable paper is used as a substrate. Inkjet printing technology makes the fabrication fast, simple and environmentally friendly. Measured capacitances of the touched and untouched states are in the range of 163 to 182pF and 218 to 272pF, respectively. The differences in the measured capacitance of each state are sufficiently large to recognize that a finger has made contact with touch pad.
Touch pad;capacitive touch;inkjet printing technology;paper-electronics;touch paper;
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다이폴 상태와 루프 상태로 변환 가능한 종이접기 방식의 종이 안테나,이동주;서윤식;임성준;

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