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Generating Method of an Unambiguous Correlation Function for AltBOC Signal Tracking
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 Title & Authors
Generating Method of an Unambiguous Correlation Function for AltBOC Signal Tracking
Woo, Sunghyuk; Chae, Keunhong; Lee, Seong Ro; Park, Soonyoung; Yoon, Seokho;
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The autocorrelation of an alternative binary offset carrier (AltBOC) signal provides an improved positioning accuracy because of its narrow main-peak. However, The AltBOC signal has a disadvantage that the autocorrelation of the AltBOC signal has multiple side-peaks which incur a severe positioning error. In this paper, we propose a generating method of an unambiguous correlation function for AltBOC signal tracking. Specifically, we first obtain symmetric partial correlation functions, and subsequently, we obtain an unambiguous correlation function by combining them. In numerical results, it is confirmed that the proposed correlation function provides better tracking error standard devation (TESD) performances comparing with the conventional correlation functions.
global navigation stellite systems (GNSSs);global positioning system (GPS);alternative binary offset carrier (AltBOC);Tracking;
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