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Cluster-Based Multi-Channel Algorithm in SAN Environments
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 Title & Authors
Cluster-Based Multi-Channel Algorithm in SAN Environments
Kong, Joon-Ik; Lee, Seong Ro;
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Ship Area Network(SAN) can monitor the status of ship in real time and minimize the maintenance costs by connecting various devices to the network. In particular, among researches on SAN, Wireless Sensor Network using sensor nodes that is low-cost, low-power, and multifunctional has a number of advantages. In this paper, we propose cluster-based multi-channel algorithm considering the energy efficiency in wireless sensor network in a ship. The proposed algorithm shows the result of improvement of throughput and energy efficiency, because it reduces interference between clusters by using channel allocation algorithm that is distributed and dynamic.
Ship Area Network;Wireless Sensor Network;Clustering Algorithm;Multi-Channel;Channel Allocation Algorithm;
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