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A Signal Detection and Estimation Method Based on Compressive Sensing
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 Title & Authors
A Signal Detection and Estimation Method Based on Compressive Sensing
Nguyen, Thu L.N.; Jung, Honggyu; Shin, Yoan;
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Compressive sensing is a new data acquisition method enabling the reconstruction of sparse or compressible signals from a smaller number of measurements than Nyquist rate, as long as the signal is sparse and the measurement is incoherent. In this paper, we consider a simple hypothesis testing in target detection and estimation problems using compressive sensing, where the performance depends on the sparsity level of the signals being detected. We provide theoretical analysis results along with some experiment results.
Compressive Sensing;RIP;Sparsity;Detection;Estimation;
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LZ78 압축 데이터의 구조적 패턴에 기반한 새로운 오류 검출 알고리즘,공명식;권범;김진우;이상훈;

한국통신학회논문지, 2016. vol.41. 11, pp.1356-1363 crossref(new window)
직교주파수분할다중화 통신 시스템을 위한 압축 센싱 기반 임펄스 잡음 및 클리핑 잡음 감쇄 기법,서영훈;최병조;

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