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Optimal Flow Distribution Algorithm for Efficient Service Function Chaining
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 Title & Authors
Optimal Flow Distribution Algorithm for Efficient Service Function Chaining
Kim, Myeongsu; Lee, Giwon; Choo, Sukjin; Pack, Sangheon; Kim, Younghwa;
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Service function chaining(SFC) defines the creation of network services that consist of an ordered set of service function. A multiple service function instances should be deployed across networks for scalable and fault-tolerant SFC services. Therefore, an incoming flows should be distributed to multiple service function instances appropriately. In this paper, we formulate the flow distribution problem in SFC aiming at minimizing the end-to-end flow latency under resource constraints. Then, we evaluate its optimal solution in a realistic network topology generated by the GT-ITM topology generator. Simulation results reveal that the optimal solution can reduce the total flow latency significantly.
Flow distribution;integer linear programming;network function virtualization;service function chaining;
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분산 모바일 코어기반 5G 네트워크에서의 Service Function Chaining 적용구조,선경재;김영한;

한국통신학회논문지, 2016. vol.41. 12, pp.1914-1924 crossref(new window)
NFV 환경에서의 데이터평면 가속화 기술들의 적용 및 성능비교 분석,박영기;양현식;김영한;

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