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Energy-Efficient Face Routing Protocol Considering Radio Range in Wireless Sensor Networks
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Energy-Efficient Face Routing Protocol Considering Radio Range in Wireless Sensor Networks
Cho, Hyunchong; Kim, Sangdae; Kim, Cheonyong; Kim, Sang-Ha; Hwang, Chi-Jung;
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In wireless sensor networks, geographic routing is known as an efficient method to transmit the data packet using the location information. Geographic routing relies on two techniques: greedy forwarding and face routing. Face routing helps to recover from greedy routing fail and is based on the planar graph in which does not cross each edge. However, the planarization causes frequently short transmission of data packet because it removes other edges except the shortest one. In other words, since the planarization removes the long edges, face routing could not exploit the efficient removed edges of communication graph. This problem brings about the excessive energy consumption of nodes. In this paper, we propose an energy efficient face routing protocol in wireless sensor networks. This proposed protocol searches the removed edges and transmits them via the edges. Simulation shows that the proposed protocol is more efficient in terms of energy consumption than the previous face routing.
wireless sensor networks;hole problem;face routing;greedy forwarding;energy efficiency;
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