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SDN-Based Intrusion Prevention System for Science DMZ
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 Title & Authors
SDN-Based Intrusion Prevention System for Science DMZ
Jo, Jinyong; Jang, Heejin; Lee, Kyungmin; Kong, JongUk;
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In this paper, we introduce an SDN-based intrusion prevention system for more secure Science DMZ with no performance limits. The proposed system is structured with intrusion-prevention, intrusion-detection, and prevention-decision subsystems which are physically distributed but informationally connected by an SDN interface. The functional distribution and the application of SDN technology increase the flexibility and extensibility of the proposed system and prevent performance degradation possibly caused by network security equipments on Science DMZ. We verified the feasibility and performance of the proposed system over a testbed set up at KREONET.
Software defined networking;science DMZ;intrusion detection and prevention;
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SD-WAN 기반의 사용자 중심 가상 전용 네트워크 시스템 설계 및 구현,김용환;김동균;

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