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Shelf-Life Time Based Cache Replacement Policy Suitable for Web Environment
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 Title & Authors
Shelf-Life Time Based Cache Replacement Policy Suitable for Web Environment
Han, Sungmin; Park, Heungsoon; Kwon, Taewook;
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Cache mechanism, which has been a research subject for a significant period of time in computer science, has become realized in the form of web caching in network practice. Web caching has various advantages, such as saving of network resources and response time reduction, depends its performance on cache replacement policy, therefore, analysis and consideration of the environment in which a web cache operates is essential for designing better replacement policies. Thus, in the current web environment where is rapidly changing relative to the past, a new cache replacement policy is necessary to reflect those changes. In this paper we stipulate some characteristics of the web at present, propose a new cache replacement policy, and evaluate it.
Shelf-life Time;Cache;Cache Replacement Policy;
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