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Countermeasures Against Phishing/Pharming via Portal Site for General Users
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 Title & Authors
Countermeasures Against Phishing/Pharming via Portal Site for General Users
Kim, Soyoung; Kang, Ji-yoon; Kim, Yoonjeong;
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The number of phishing/pharming attacks occurring has increased and consequently, the number of studies on anti-phishing/pharming has also increased. The target sites of phishing/pharming are financial sites, and these have a low connection rate compared to those of portal sites. In this paper, we propose an anti-phishing/pharming method that uses a portal site as a stopover. The proposed method is based on the reliability of portal sites. This method is intended for general users rather than for professional users or developers. We also analyze the safety of the proposed method by separating the method into sub components of module safety assumption.
phishing;pharming;anti-phishing;portal site;authentication;
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쿠키 기반의 TLS/SSL 인증서 공개키의 확인,박준철;

한국통신학회논문지, 2016. vol.41. 1, pp.101-103 crossref(new window)
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