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User-Adaptive Movement Noise Detection Algorithm Using Wavelet Transform
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 Title & Authors
User-Adaptive Movement Noise Detection Algorithm Using Wavelet Transform
Ban, Dahee; Kwon, Sungoh;
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In this paper, we propose an algorithm to detect movement noise in PPG(Photoplethysmography) measurements. Movement noise significantly deteriorate PPG signals in measurement, so that a movement noise detection algorithm is critical before using measured PPG signals for applications such as diagnosis. To detect movement noise, we apply wavelet transform to PPG signals instead of short-time Fourier transform and decide if the measured signlas include movement noise. To that end, we adaptively choose a wavelet, which is the most similar to the subject's PPG pattern. In the case when movement noise is intentionally added in the 20% and 30% of the total experiment time, our algorithm detects time-slots including movement and outperforms previous works.
PPG;Movement noise;Noise detection algorithm;
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