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Up-Sampling Method of Depth Map Using Weighted Joint Bilateral Filter
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 Title & Authors
Up-Sampling Method of Depth Map Using Weighted Joint Bilateral Filter
Oh, Dong-ryul; Oh, Byung Tae; Shin, Jitae;
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A depth map is an image which contains 3D distance information. Generally, it is difficult to acquire a high resolution (HD), noise-removed, good quality depth map directly from the camera. Therefore, many researches have been focused on acquisition of the high resolution and the good quality depth map by up-sampling and pre/post image processing of the low resolution depth map. However, many researches are lack of effective up-sampling for the edge region which has huge impact on image perceptual-quality. In this paper, we propose an up-sampling method, based on joint bilateral filter, which improves up-sampling of the edge region and visual quality of synthetic images by adopting different weights for the edge parts that is sensitive to human perception characteristics. The proposed method has gains in terms of PSNR and subjective video quality compared to previous researches.
Depth map;3D rendering;Up-sampling;Bilateral filter;Joint bilateral filter;
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영역 구분을 통한 다시점 영상의 깊이맵 손상 복구 기법,김우연;신지태;오병태;

한국통신학회논문지, 2015. vol.40. 12, pp.2530-2538 crossref(new window)
압축률 대비 화질 향상을 위한 소벨 연산 기반 엣지 보존 적응적 양방향 필터,전기현;오의열;최윤식;

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