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Survey on MIMO Full-Duplex
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 Title & Authors
Survey on MIMO Full-Duplex
Yang, Hyun Jong;
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In this paper, a multi-input multi-output (MIMO) full-duplex system is addressed, where both the transmitter and receiver have multiple antennas. Fundamental problems of the MIMO full-duplex technique are discussed, and possible solutions are presented. In particular, the transceiver designs that have been reported in the literature are technically reviewed, and their problems are discussed investigating the feasibility of the full-duplex technique in commercialized systems such as LTE and WiFi.
wireless full-duplex;MIMO(multi-input multi-output);review and survey;self-interference;
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동일대역 전이중 방식 통신 시스템에서 자기간섭 제거에 따른 성능 분석,왕우완;박현철;

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