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Performance Improvement of Traffic Identification by Categorizing Signature Matching Type
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Performance Improvement of Traffic Identification by Categorizing Signature Matching Type
Jung, Woo-Suk; Park, Jun-Sang; Kim, Myung-Sup;
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The traffic identification is a preliminary and essential step for stable network service provision and efficient network resource management. While a number of identification methods have been introduced in literature, the payload signature-based identification method shows the highest performance in terms of accuracy, completeness, and practicality. However, the payload signature-based method's processing speed is much slower than other identification method such as header-based and statistical methods. In this paper, we first classifies signatures by matching type based on range, order, and direction of packet in a flow which was automatically extracted. By using this classification, we suggest a novel method to improve processing speed of payload signature-based identification by reducing searching space.
traffic analysis;signature matching type;payload signature;processing speed;
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페이로드 시그니쳐 품질 평가를 통한 고효율 응용 시그니쳐 탐색,이성호;김종현;구영훈;;김명섭;

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K-평균 클러스터링을 이용한 네트워크 유해트래픽 탐지,신동혁;안광규;최성춘;최형기;

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