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New Hierarchical Modulation Scheme Using a Constellation Rotation Method
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 Title & Authors
New Hierarchical Modulation Scheme Using a Constellation Rotation Method
Kim, Hojun; Shang, Yulong; Park, Jaehyung; Jung, Taejin;
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In this paper, we propose a new hierarchical modulation scheme for DVB-NGH to improve the performance of LP (Low-Parity) signals by applying a conventional constellation-rotation method to the LP signals without virtually a loss of performance of a HP (High-Parity) signals. The improvement of the LP signals is mainly due to the increased divesity gain caused by the constellation-rotation method which barely affect the performance of the HP signals. For the new scheme, we also propose a hardware-efficient ML (Maximum-Likelihood) detection algorithm that first decodes the HP signals by using a conventional HP receiver, and then simply decodes the precoded LP signals based on the pre-detected HP signals.
Hierarchical Modulation;Constellation Rotation;Maximum Likelyhood Decoding;DVB-NGH;Broadcasting Systems;
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