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Content Delivery Network Based on MST Algorithm
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 Title & Authors
Content Delivery Network Based on MST Algorithm
Lee, Hyung-ok; Kang, Mi-young; Nam, Ji-seung;
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The traffic in the wired and wireless networks has increased exponentially because of increase of smart phone and improvement of PC performance. Multimedia services and file transmission such as Facebook, Youtube occupy a large part of the traffic. CDN is a technique that duplicates the contents on a remote web server of content provider to local CDN servers near clients and chooses the optimal CDN server for providing the content to the client in the event of a content request. In this paper, the content request message between CDN servers and the client used the SCRP algorithm utilizing the MST algorithm and the traffic throughput was optimized. The average response time for the content request is reduced by employing HC_LRU cache algorithm that improves the cache hit ratio. The proposed SCRP and HC_LRU algorithm may build a scalable content delivery network system that efficiently utilizes network resources, achieves traffic localization and prevents bottlenecks.
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