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Stepwise Detection of the QRS Complex in the ECG Signal
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 Title & Authors
Stepwise Detection of the QRS Complex in the ECG Signal
Kim, Jeong-Hong; Lee, SeungMin; Park, Kil-Houm;
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The QRS complex of ECG signal represents the depolarization and repolarization activities in the cells of ventricle. Accurate informations of and are needed for automatic analysis of ECG waves. In this study, using the amount of change in the QRS complex voltage values and the distance from the , we determined the junction point from Q-wave to R-wave and the junction point from R-wave to S-wave. In the next step, using the integral calculation based on the connection point, we detected and . We use the PhysioNet QT database to evaluate the performances of the algorithm, and calculate the mean and standard deviation of the differences between onsets or offsets manually marked by cardiologists and those detected by the proposed algorithm. The experiment results show that standard deviations are under the tolerances accepted by expert physicians, and outperform the results obtained by the other algorithms.
ECG;QRS Complex;QRS Detection;QT Database;
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단계별 기저선 정렬을 이용한 ECG 신호에서 P파와 T파 검출 알고리즘,김정홍;이승민;박길흠;

한국멀티미디어학회논문지, 2016. vol.19. 6, pp.1034-1042 crossref(new window)
모바일 환경에서의 심층학습을 통한 심장 순환기 생체신호 분석 진단 도움 기술,이재구;김현재;김성원;송종윤;윤성로;

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