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Stereo Matching Using Distance Trasnform and 1D Array Kernel
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 Title & Authors
Stereo Matching Using Distance Trasnform and 1D Array Kernel
Chang, Yong-Jun; Ho, Yo-Sung;
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A stereo matching method is one of the ways to obtain a depth value from two dimensional images. This method estimates the depth value of target images using stereo images which have two different viewpoints. In the result of stereo matching, the depth value is represented by a disparity value. The disparity means a distance difference between a current pixel in one side of stereo images and its corresponding point in the other side of stereo images. The stereo matching in a homogeneous region is always difficult to find corresponding points because there are no textures in that region. In this paper, we propose a novel matching equation using the distance transform to estimate accurate disparity values in the homogeneous region. The distance transform calculates pixel distances from the edge region. For this reason, pixels in the homogeneous region have specific values when we apply this transform to pixels in that region. Therefore, the stereo matching method using the distance transform improves the matching accuracy in the homogeneous regions. In addition, we also propose an adaptive matching cost computation using a kernel of one dimensional array depending on the characteristic of regions in the image. In order to aggregate the matching cost, we apply a cross-scale cost aggregation method to our proposed method. As a result, the proposed method has a lower average error rate than that of the conventional method in all regions.
Stereo matching;distance transform;1-D array matching;cost aggregation;pixel based matching;
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영역 분할을 이용한 변형된 스위칭 필터에 관한 연구,권세익;김남호;

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