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Generalized Quaternary Quasi-Orthogonal Sequences Spatial Modulation
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 Title & Authors
Generalized Quaternary Quasi-Orthogonal Sequences Spatial Modulation
Shang, Yulong; Kim, Hojun; Jung, Taejin;
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So called quaternary quasi-orthogonal sequence spatial modulation (Q-QOS-SM) has been presented with an advantage of improved throughputs compared to the conventional SM and generalized spatial modulation (GSM) by virtue of a larger set size of QOSs and its minimized correlation value between these QOSs. However the Q-QOS-SM has been originally invented for limited transmit antennas of only powers of two. In this paper, by extending the Q-QOS-SM to any number of transmit antennas, we propose a generalized Q-QOS-SM, referred as G-QO-SM. Unlike the conventional Q-QOS-SM using the Q-QOSs of length of any power of two, the proposed G-QO-SM is constructed based on the Q-QOSs of only the lengths of 2 and 4. The proposed scheme guarantees the transmission of the total spatial bits with transmit antennas, and thus achieves greatly higher throughputs than the other existing schemes including the SM, GSM, Q-QOS-SM, Quadrature-SM, and Enhanced-SM. The performance improvements of the proposed G-QO-SM is justified by comparing the analytically derived BER upper bounds and also the exact Monte Carlo simulation results.
multiple-input multiple-output;spatial modulation;quaternary quasi-orthogonal sequence;maximum likelihood decoder;Rayleigh fading channel;
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