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Ad Hoc Routing Method Based on Betweenness Centrality and Location Information for Unmanned Ground System Networks
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 Title & Authors
Ad Hoc Routing Method Based on Betweenness Centrality and Location Information for Unmanned Ground System Networks
Ahn, Hyochun; Yim, Jinhyuk; Ko, Young-Bae; Choi, HyungSeok; Kwon, DaeHoon;
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Wireless multi-hop communication is one of the key technologies to operate Unmanned Ground System (UGS) networks efficiently. Conventionally a lot of routing protocol has been developed and studied for multi-hop networks like Mobile Ad-hoc Network (MANET). However, the routing protocol for the unique environment of the UGS requires further studies, since conventional routing protocols cannot be used itself for UGS networks. In this paper, we propose the Betweenness Centrality based Geographic Routing (BCGR) which considers the main function of UGS. BCGR utilizes expanded ego betweenness centrality, mobility and location information error, respectively. We have conducted a simulation study for evaluating the performance of the BCGR using ns-3, and our simulation results show that BCGR outperforms the conventional routing protocols such as AODV and GPSR in terms of end-to-end transmission reliability, throughput and delay.
Unmanned Ground System;Mobile Ad-hoc Network;Geographic Routing;Location Resilient;Betweenness Centrality;
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