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A Study on Turbo Equalization for MIMO Systems Based on LDPC Codes
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 Title & Authors
A Study on Turbo Equalization for MIMO Systems Based on LDPC Codes
Baek, Chang-Uk; Jung, Ji-Won;
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In this paper, MIMO system based on turbo equalization techniques which LDPC codes were outer code and space time trellis codes (STTC) were employed as an inner code are studied. LDPC decoder and STTC decoder are connected through the interleaving and de-interleaving that updates each other`s information repeatedly. In conventional turbo equalization of MIMO system, BCJR decoder which decodes STTC coded bits required two-bit wise decoding processing. Therefore duo-binary turbo codes are optimal for MIMO system combined with STTC codes. However a LDPC decoder requires bit unit processing, because LDPC codes can`t be applied to these system. Therefore this paper proposed turbo equalization for MIMO system based on LDPC codes combined with STTC codes. By the simulation results, we confirmed performance of proposed turbo equalization model was improved about 0.6dB than that of conventional LDPC codes.
Multiple-Input Multiple-Output(MIMO);Space time code;Low Density Parity Check(LDPC) code;Layered Space Time code(LST);Turbo equalizer;
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