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Transmitting Devices Selection Based on Viewpoint Popularity for Wireless Free-Viewpoint Video Streaming
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 Title & Authors
Transmitting Devices Selection Based on Viewpoint Popularity for Wireless Free-Viewpoint Video Streaming
Koo, Jae-Woo; Cho, Young-Jong; Kang, Kyungran;
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Free-viewpoint video (FVV) is a synthesization technology that generates a virtual viewpoint video using multiple videos recorded via wireless devices at heterogeneous locations. In order to introduce a new service that grafts the FVV onto the real-time streaming service using wireless devices, we need to overcome several constraints. Two main factors of those constraints are the limited wireless capacity that are shared fairly by multiple devices, and the transmission time constraint with which live streaming services have to comply. Therefore, for optimal quality of entire videos, a set of transmitting devices should be effectively selected depending on the condition of wireless channel and the required video popularity of specific viewpoint requested from users. For optimal selection, this study proposes a heuristic algorithm that takes into account the aforementioned factors from possible wireless transmission error behaviors and the requested viewpoint popularity. Through analysis and simulation, we show that with this algorithm, quality of most popular viewpoint videos is guaranteed. Furthermore, performance comparison against the existing scheme which is based only on the location of recording devices is made.
Free-Viewpoint Video;Real-time Streaming;Viewpoint Popularity;Optimization;
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