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Robust Obstacle Detection and Avoidance Algorithm for Infrastructure-Based Vehicle Communication Under Signal Interference
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 Title & Authors
Robust Obstacle Detection and Avoidance Algorithm for Infrastructure-Based Vehicle Communication Under Signal Interference
Choi, Byung Chan; Kwon, Hyuk Chan; Son, Jin Hee; Nam, Haewoon;
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In this paper, we will introduce the system that can control multiple vehicles on the road through Single Board Computers and V2I (Vehicle-To-Infrastructure). Also, we will propose the group evasive maneuver decision algorithm, which plays a critical role in deciding whether the vehicles in the system have to conduct evasive maneuvers to avoid obstacles on the road. In order to test this system, we have utilized Wi-Fi and TCP/IP for establishing the communication between multiple vehicles and the relay server, and observed their driving states on the road with obstacles. During the experiments, we have discovered that our original decision algorithm possesses high failure rate when there is frequency interference in ISM (Industrial Scientific Medical) band. In order to reduce this failure rate, we have implemented the data transition detector. This paper will focus on how the use of data transition detector can affect the reliability of the system under the frequency interference of ISM band. If this technology is improved and applied in the field, we will effectively deal with such dangerous situations as multiple collision accidents through vehicle-to-vehicle communication or vehicle-to-infrastructure communication. Furthermore, this can be applied to the autonomous driving technologies. This can be used as the reference data for the development of the similar system.
TCP/IP;Multiple Collision Avoidance;Evasive Maneuver;Multiple Vehicle Control;
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